Chronic Kidney Disease in Virginia: Legislative Roundtable - Shared screen with speaker view
Katelyn Engel
We will hold all questions until the end of the briefing so please place any questions in the Q and A box. Thank you!
Kelly Brooks
Great presentations! Want to mention a tool geared toward primary care providers we have available to help with CKD… Quality Insights, CMS contractor for ESRD Networks 3, 4, and 5, has developed a 6-part interactive e-Learn series “Reducing Disparities and Improving the Management and Identification of Chronic Kidney Disease” to accompany CMS’ "Chronic Kidney Disease Disparities: Educational Guide for Primary Care" and align with the Advancing American Kidney Health Executive Order. The series uses best practices and practical experience from a diverse group of patient subject matter experts and exemplars in the fields of nephrology, health equity, nutrition, pharmacy, primary care and medical coding. Available at www.ediscolearn.com (select the “Kidney Care” catalog). There are free CEs. :)
Scott Johnson
I am a living donor and the recipient of my kidney developed kidney cancer 15 years after our transplant. He has been back on dialysis for 4 years now. What is the likelihood of him receiving another kidney?
Scott Johnson
Thank you.
Becky Bowers Lanier
Thanks so much for the presentation!